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A Social Media Strategy Checklist for Creating Better Social Media Content in 2023

A Social Media Strategy Checklist for Creating Better Social Media Content in 2023

As a leading social media marketing agency, we know what it takes to create a high-quality social media strategy that engages audiences and drives real results. We want to share our proven checklist and methodology with you so you can level up your brand’s social presence this year.

This comprehensive social media strategy guide teaches you how to take a strategic, optimized approach to social content creation. Follow these steps and you’ll notice significant improvements in reach, engagement, conversions, and more for your business.

Let’s dive in!

Social Media Strategy Tip #1: Conduct In-Depth Audience Research

The foundation of any impactful social strategy is intimately understanding your target audience. Dedicate time upfront to identify:

✅ Demographic details – age, gender, location, income level, education status, etc.

✅ Interests and hobbies outside of your niche

✅ Motivations for following your brand – entertainment? education? deals?

✅ Types of content and tone that resonate most

✅ Where and when they consume social content

Tools like social listening, polls, quizzes, and analytics help uncover more about your current and potential audience. These insights inform content that speaks directly to your customers.

Social Media Strategy Tip #2: Define Your Goals and KPIs

Be very clear on what goals you want to achieve through social media before creating anything. Do you aim to:

✅ Increase brand awareness?

✅ Drive website traffic?

✅ Generate more leads?

✅ Boost sales?

Set specific benchmarks tied to goals like increasing followers by 10% or social shares by 15%.

Track performance indicators (KPIs) like reach, engagement rate, and click-through rate. See what content resonates best.

Tip: Set distinct goals per platform, not just broad overall objectives.

Social Media Strategy Tip #1: Plan a Variety of Content

With your audience and goals in mind, brainstorm content types to create across networks. Consider:

✅ Educational – how-to’s, lists, tips, guides

✅ Entertaining – quizzes, polls, memes

✅ Inspiring – quotes, behind-the-scenes, user generated

✅ Promotional – contests, coupons, sales

✅ Timely – cultural events, news, trends

Map out 2-3 months mixing content types optimized for each platform.

Pro Tip: Align content with holidays, events, and seasonal topics relevant to your audience.

Social Media Strategy Tip #4: Choose the Best Platforms

Focus your efforts on one or two networks where your audience is most active and your content resonates.

Evaluate potential reach on emerging platforms too. Joining TikTok now could help you get ahead of competitors.

Pro Tip: Don’t overlook “small but mighty” networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest which can still drive results.

Social Media Strategy Tip #5: Create Captivating Visual Assets

Today’s social feeds are more visual than ever. Invest in compelling, high-quality images and video tailored to each platform. Consider:

✅ Custom photos/video showcasing products, team, office

✅ Infographics with relevant data

✅ Animated explainers

✅ On-brand graphics and templates

✅ Original illustrations

✅ Vertical formats for mobile

Optimize visuals for each network's specifications and guidelines.

Social Media Strategy Tip #6: Write Engaging Copy

Even great images need equally compelling copy. Use tips like:

✅ Attention-grabbing headlines

✅ Concise paragraphs and scannable bullet points

✅ Emojis, humor, questions

✅ Casual, conversational tone

✅ Clear calls-to-action (CTAs)

Study copy that performs well for you and competitors and apply those learnings.

Social Media Strategy Tip #7: Establish Your Brand Voice

Social content should reflect your brand’s unique voice. Determine the right tone that’s authentic and resonates with your audience.

✅ Use casual, friendly language

✅ Don’t be afraid to show personality

✅ Remain consistent across networks

✅ Balance professionalism with approachability

Create a guide with branded terms, phrases, emojis, hashtags, and content styles to reference.

Social Media Strategy Tip #8: Balance Promotional and Non-Promotional Content

Share a healthy mix of:

✅ 80% Valuable, non-promotional content

✅ 20% Promotional content – offers, product announcements, etc.

Don’t make everything an ad. Provide value through education, entertainment, and community.

Tip: Promotional content performs better when mixed with authentic value-added posts.

Social Media Strategy Tip #9: Repurpose Content Across Multiple Channels

Look for opportunities to extend your reach such as:

✅ Industry websites and publications

✅ Relevant online communities

✅ Podcasts and virtual events

✅ Influencer collaborations

✅ Sponsored social content

Repurpose one high-performing content asset across different platforms.

Social Media Strategy Tip #10: Customize Content for Each Platform

Avoid blasting the identical post to all networks. Tailor content for each platform's audience, guidelines, and algorithms.

✅ Write copy suited for character limits

✅ Create vertical formats for mobile

✅ Use relevant hashtags and tagging

✅ Personalize CTAs

Stay updated on latest best practices by monitoring competitors on each channel.

Social Media Strategy Tip #11: Plan an Editorial Content Calendar

An editorial calendar outlines:

✅ Types of content

✅ Ideal posting dates based on insights

✅ Owned, shared, promoted posts

✅ Creation and approval workflows

✅ Supporting visual assets

Leave room for flexibility to jump on trends and news.

Social Media Strategy Tip #12: Analyze Performance and Metrics

Use platform analytics to see what content resonates or falls flat. Assess:

✅ Impressions and Reach

✅ Engagement Rates

✅ Clicks, reactions, comments

✅ Shares and saves

✅ Website traffic

✅ Conversions

Compare top and low performers to identify what to refine.

Social Media Strategy Tip #13: Continuously Improve Your Process

Treat content creation as an ongoing process, not a one-time effort.

Regularly gather data and customer feedback to enhance your strategy over time. Set reminders to analyze performance and update your editorial calendar.

There you have it – a step-by-step guide from a social media marketing agency to creating winning social content this year! As you can see, it requires much more planning than just “winging it” day-to-day. But the impact on your brand makes it incredibly worthwhile.

If you are in need of a social media strategy created for your business and need help with managing your profiles, schedule a call with me here:

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