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Getting Attention on Social Media: It’s All About Providing Value in Your Content Marketing

Getting Attention on Social Media: It’s All About Providing Value in Your Content Marketing

With millions of brands and people vying for attention, standing out on social media feels nearly impossible. But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The key to getting more eyes on your content comes down to one simple strategy: provide tremendous value to your audience through your content marketing.

When your content marketing posts consistently deliver value aligned with what your audience cares about, you earn their attention naturally. No flashy gimmicks or meme-style content required.

Follow these best practices for creating genuinely valuable content marketing that gains notice:

Know Your Audience’s Core Wants and Needs

The foundation of high-value content marketing is understanding your target audience deeply. Take time upfront for in-depth audience research and analysis.

Profile who your ideal customers are. Gather key demographics like:

  • Gender

  • Age range

  • Location

  • Income level

  • Education level

  • Marital/family status

Look at psychographics too. What values, priorities, interests, and pain points do they have?

Conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, and social listening to uncover this info. Study the topics and conversations already happening in your niche.

Armed with an intimate understanding of your audience, you can create content marketing tailored perfectly to what they want and need to see.

Identify Their Most Pressing Pain Points

A massive opportunity lies in identifying your audience’s biggest pain points and problems they need help solving.

These pains might include:

  • Annoying everyday frustrations

  • Pressing questions

  • Confusing processes

  • Costly mistakes

  • Gaps in knowledge

  • Personal anxieties and worries

  • Aspirations sought but not achieved

Your content marketing should directly address these pain points with helpful solutions and advice.

For example, a real estate agency could create value through content marketing like:

  • Unsure how much home you can afford? Use our affordable mortgage calculator.

  • Overwhelmed by the buying process? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Worried about high housing prices? We list insider tips for savings.

Solving someone’s struggle demonstrates understanding and builds quick rapport.

Appeal to Their Deepest Desires

Along with pain points, identify the desires your audience has yet to fulfill. These may include:

  • Achieving big goals like a promotion or home ownership

  • Gaining inspiring skills like a language or instrument

  • Living core values like adventure, kindness, or learning

  • Enjoying interests like travel, fashion, or family time

Content marketing that taps into unsatisfied desires captivates people envisioning a better reality. Enable your audience to unlock what they aspire to in life.

For example, an online education company could create value through content marketing like:

  • 10 Hobbies to Spark Your Creative Side

  • Learn a New Language in 6 Months

  • Roadmap to Landing Your Dream Job

This aspirational content marketing paints a vision of self-improvement.

Mix Educational and Entertaining Formats

Value can take many formats beyond straightforward advice.

Educational content marketing like how-tos, lists, statistics, and research satisfy people’s hunger for useful knowledge.

But don’t overlook entertainment value too. Storytelling, humor, awe-inspiring visuals, controversy, and creativity also hold attention by sparking emotion.

Aim for a healthy mix of utility and entertainment in your content marketing menu.

For a winery, educational content might include wine pairing guides, while entertainment could mean gorgeous vineyard photography.

Make Content Specifically Relevant

Generic, recycled content won’t seem valuable to readers. Laser target your content marketing posts to their exact situation.

Content tailored to single moms looks much different than content for retirees. Similarly, localized content outperforms broad messages.

Drill down into micro-communities within your audience and create hyper-relevant content.

For example, a gym may create value through content marketing like:

  • At-Home Workouts for New Moms

  • 5 Yoga Poses for Reduced Back Pain

  • Healthy Lunch Prep Tips for Busy San Francisco Professionals

The more dialed-in your angle is, the more value you provide.

Make Your Content Visually Appealing

In the oversaturated social media landscape, your content must pop visually to gain initial attention:

  • Use high-quality, eye-catching photos and videos

  • Create engaging graphics and illustrations

  • Choose readable fonts and colors

  • Break up large blocks of text with imagery

  • Use movement like animation and parallax

  • Ensure content looks great on mobile

People instantly decide if content looks appealing and worth their time. A great visual presentation acts like a magnet drawing their eyes to your message.

Interact and Engage With Your Audience

Content value isn’t just about the information you push out. It’s also about the two-way interaction you facilitate.

Encourage engagement by:

  • Asking thoughtful questions

  • Running polls and contests

  • Monitoring comments and responding

  • Following up with more content on popular topics

  • Sharing user-generated content

  • Giving sneak peeks and exclusive access

This level of engaging dialogue shows you care about more than just growing your audience — you’re building a community.

The Power of Consistency in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating an initial valuable piece of content marketing is just the first step. The key is consistently producing a stream of value focused on your audience.

Maintain a regular content publishing schedule on social media and other channels. This steady drumbeat of helpful, relevant content trains followers to continually check in and see what you’re offering.

They’ll come to rely on and trust you as their go-to source of value in your niche.

Providing Ongoing Value Keeps Eyes on You

Standing out amid the social media noise is an ongoing process. You can’t just create one or two valuable content marketing posts and expect long-term interest.

But when you continually craft content tailored to your audience’s deepest needs and desires, you become a vital source they pay attention to.

While flashy viral content may work temporarily, nothing beats good old-fashioned value for long-term success.

So avoid chasing shortcuts and stay focused on genuinely helping your audience through consistent value. By becoming a trusted partner in their lives, you’ll earn the natural attention and loyalty you seek.

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