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Our Work

Below you'll find a plethora of examples of our previous work, from organic social media executions to paid social media strategies 👇


+25% Follower Growth in 1 Week

I helped a motorsports content creator grow his following through creating viral videos for his niche and industry. The videos were created through research and data based on his previously successful videos and what is relevant in the motorsports world at the time.

+1,967% Increase in Content Interactions

Again, this is for the motorsports content creator. I created and ideated a video that went viral, with currently over 875k views, 4,563 hours of watch time,59k likes, 49k shares, and 6,325 saves

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 11.38.47 AM.png

100k Views in First Week of New Account

We helped a brand new content creator generate 100k views within the first week of starting their new TikTok account  through content research, SEO, and editing techniques that are popular within their niche.


$1,270 in Revenue with $250 in ad spend

Through strategic implementation of Facebook ads, I successfully generated $1,270.02 in new revenue and attracted 18 new customers for a home decor studio that hosts workshops. The targeted campaign effectively showcased the studio's offerings, captivating the audience and driving conversions. The impressive results highlight the power of Facebook ads in driving revenue growth and customer acquisition for the home decor studio.


38 NEW Customers; Return on Ad Spend of 997%

Using Facebook ads, I attracted 38 new customers to a home decor studio hosting workshops, achieving a remarkable 997% Return on Ad Spend. The targeted campaign effectively engaged the audience, driving conversions and highlighting the studio's value and appeal. Facebook ads proved instrumental in generating substantial interest and driving significant customer acquisition for the studio.

$5 per Conversation with New Leads for an E-commerce Store

By utilizing Facebook ads, I achieved a cost-efficient result of $5 per new lead conversion for an ecommerce store. The targeted campaign effectively captured the attention of potential customers, resulting in a significant number of conversions. This accomplishment showcases the power of Facebook ads in driving cost-effective lead generation for the ecommerce store, demonstrating the effectiveness of digital advertising strategies in driving business growth.


0 to 74 Customer Leads for an Auto Repair Shop

We helped an Auto Repair Shop go from 0 customer leads on Facebook to 74 customer leads and conversations in 1 month with just over $1,000 in ad spend.

$7.00 Cost per Lead for a Real Estate Firms Active Listings

By leveraging Facebook ads, I successfully attracted 56 leads for a real estate firm's active listings, all at an impressive cost of $7.00 per lead. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of utilizing targeted marketing strategies on Facebook to generate significant interest and potential clients for real estate properties. With cost-efficiency and a high number of leads, this campaign proves the power of Facebook ads in driving tangible results for real estate businesses.


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