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3 Common Social Media Questions Answered To Ignite Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

I get asked all the time by brands and businesses alike of all sizes, "What kind of content should I create?", "Why do I need to create content?", and "Posting on social media, that’s marketing right?" I will answer all of these questions below:

Let's start with the meta questions: Why do I need to create content?

In the digital world we live in where everyone is connected more than ever, content is the gateway to getting to know your favorite new coffee shop, your favorite new comedian, or the new show you should binge. It’s where we get our information and identify the ideals that we believe, or reinforce the ideals we don’t believe in. Social media truly shapes social behavior.

Businesses and brands can do this for their products or services. Through organic content, or Strategic Organic Content (SOC), you can shape the ideals of and mindsets of the target customer you are attempting to reach.

Second, lets address the next question, "Simply posting on social media, that’s marketing right?"

NO. period. This is such a common mistake that I see the majority of businesses and brands making. They post for the sake of posting with no strategy or direction. If there is a wrong way to use social media, that is the absolute wrong way.

Crafting a social media strategy takes time, efforts, and requires constant effort and adjusting since the platforms are everchanging. If someone or some agency approaches you with a strategy that is a “set and forget it”, they may not have a good grasp on the current state of social media marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

Posting on social media is much more than marketing (if you have a strategy behind it.) It can be the lifeblood of your business, it can gain your endeavor awareness and credibility, as well as gaining a loyal fanbase that wants to see what you provide.

So how do you get this awareness, credibility, and following? Through content that’s how, which answers the question "What kind of content should I create?"

Value is what is the driver of all social media success. It’s whether someone follows you or doesn’t. It’s whether someone buys your product or doesn’t. Value is the key variable that YOU can control.

Determining what’s valuable to your target audience is what’s the fun part, because everyone is different and each target audience has their own desires.

Let’s use the coffee shop example I gave in the beginning of this article. The reason why one could follow and visit a coffee shop can be due to small factors such how far away they live to the coffee shop or that they want a quick coffee. Or, it could be deeper reasons, such as the mission of the coffee shop to help kids in developing countries or that the coffee shop has a private workspace for entrepreneurs who can go and get a private office for a day.


Or, it could be the peppermint latte that it showed on their IG feed and serves during the holiday season.

The point is that value can be driven from many different factors, sometimes just one, sometimes many, therefore, you should do everything in your power to determine what your audience and customers and following deems valuable, as well as how you can meet and exceed the value they expect from you.

Mr. Beasts does a great job at this. He provides hilarious, outlandish content that attracts the masses to say “there’s no way this is going to happen.”

Overall, create content that serves and provides value to your end user, your audience, your customers, and your potential customers.

I hope you enjoyed the article, if you did, I would love for you to share it with someone else who could benefit from it!

Peace, John Dirugeris

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