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Your small business growth partner

We get your small business known in your local community through our consulting, lead generation, social media marketing, advertising, and website creation services.

Want us to prove it? Check out the results we get our clients below

+1,969 Reel Interactions
3.99 ROAS
+177 Followers in 1 Month
$7.13 per Lead
Went from 0 to 86 Followers in 1 Week
800,000 Impressions in 1 Month
$14.60 per High Quality Lead
Average 12 ROAS
$5.87 per Lead Convo

We deliver tangible business results with our website design, social media marketing and advertising, and email marketing services, enabling you to focus more on your business without the stress of managing marketing or advertising efforts



What others have said about VAW...

"John at VAW Media really knows his stuff. We saw a 25% bump in followers in just one week. He digs into the data, finds out what works, and just nails it every time. It's been unreal!"

"Working with John was incredible. We saw interactions explode by almost 2,000%! Videos went viral, views went through the roof."

"Starting from scratch was daunting, but John got us 100k views in our first week! His strategies with SEO and editing just clicked with our audience. Couldn’t have asked for a better launch."

"Running a small business and being a mom ain’t easy, but John made the marketing part a breeze. Spent $250 on ads and brought in over $1,270. John’s ads didn’t just look great—they worked wonders."

We're grateful to have worked with some amazing businesses: 

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ar-workshop-logo-Franklin-01 (2).jpg

How we can help you; some of our past results for our clients:

  • generated $25,000 in sales off of $4,000 in ads spend for an e-commerce brand in 3 months

  • grew a motorsports brand from 4,000-11,000 followers in 4 months

  • generated 72 new leads for a repair shop via Facebook Messenger with highly targeted localized campaigns

  • grew a coaches TikTok following from 8k to 12k followers in 2 months

  • multiple viral videos with over 1.6 and 1.2 million views for multiple brands; dozens of videos with over 100k views


Whether you’re looking for help discovering new customers, driving traffic and converting leads, greater awareness on social media, or developing a custom digital solution, VAW is here for you during every step of your journey.

Enter your info below and John will contact you between 8 AM - 5 PM!

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