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Local Domination Through Full Scale Social Media Management

Social Media Domination Blueprint for Small Businesses to Double Your Social Media Impressions in 30 Days and Increase Your Followers by 25% in 90 Days 

We'll will manage your social media presence and turn it into an asset that generates awareness and a local following for your business.

Pay one time. No recurring fee and no retainer until we achieve Milestone 1: If we don’t get your impressions doubled in 30 days and if we don’t increase your followers by 25% in the first 90 days, we will work with you free of charge for 2 months (after the first 90 days) or until we get your follower growth up 25%.

We will only take on 5 clients in total to ensure the degree of availability. Right now, we have 3 clients, meaning we have 2 slots left!

As soon as you sign up, you'll get:

Platform Precision Package ($500 Value

Market analysis and competitive audit to recommend the best social media platforms for your brand.

Audience Alignment Atlas ($500 Value

Utilization of social listening tools and audience analytics to map out key platforms for engagement.

Content Chemistry Kickstarter ($1,500 Value) 

Creation of a social media strategy and content strategy including themes, types, and posting schedule, with monthly content creation and curation.

Content Cadence Compass ($300 Value) 

Personalized content calendar development, including optimal posting times and frequency based on audience behavior analysis.

Media Mix Mastery  ($1,000 Value) 

Custom analysis and strategy for your brand’s optimal content mix, including production of videos, graphics, and photos.

Trend Tracker Program ($500 Value) 

Monthly trend reports and strategy sessions to adapt content and campaigns to current trends.

Growth Gearbox ($1,000 Value) 

Execution of growth-focused campaigns, including targeted advertising, influencer collaborations, and engagement tactics.

Awareness Amplifier Array ($300 Value)

Brand awareness campaigns designed to highlight your brand’s unique value proposition and attract attention.

Total Value: $5,600 (!) All for $1,999 Per Month

Because we position ourselves as your Social Media partners (not an agency!!), we only have bandwidth to service so many clients. We have 5 slots available this quarter (Q2).

Who Are We?

We're VAW Media, and we excel in bridging local businesses and locals through strategic social media advertising and marketing. Our approach ensures your businesses reaches and resonates with the ideal audience, enhancing your visibility and growth while you focus on your business.

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