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Your Local CMO for Your Small Business

Full-Spectrum Digital Commander Transformation for Your Small Business Success to Secure Your Place as Your Local Market Leader

I will be your CMO for the entire year. I will implement and manage your website and online presence, get you seen on google, manage your socials, and your advertising. I will also implement loggers for relevant KPIs, and send monthly updates as to how your website is doing. In addition, we’ll have a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss internal tools that could help your business and implement the best ones.

I will personally be available 9h/day, 5 days/week, and reply within the hour.

We have an "all sales are final” policy, but that is because our service is so exclusive and so powerful that once used it cannot be unused.  We are going to show you our proprietary process that we are using right now to generate leads for your specific business. Our funnels, ads, and metrics. We're going to be exposing the inner workings of the best business practices, as a result, all sales are final.

As soon as you sign up, you'll get:

Brand Loyalty Leap Blueprint for Small Businesses to Double Your Social Media Impressions in 30 Days and Increase Your Followers by 25% in 90 Days

Platform Precision Package ($500 Value
Market analysis and competitive audit to recommend the best social media platforms for your brand.

Audience Alignment Atlas ($500 Value
Utilization of social listening tools and audience analytics to map out key platforms for engagement.

Content Chemistry Kickstarter ($1,500 Value) 
Creation of a content and content strategy including themes, types, and posting schedule, with monthly content creation and curation.

Content Cadence Compass ($300 Value) 
Personalized content calendar development, including optimal posting times and frequency based on audience behavior analysis.

Media Mix Mastery  ($1,000 Value) 
Custom analysis and strategy for your brand’s optimal content mix, including production of videos, graphics, and photos.

Trend Tracker Program ($500 Value) 
Monthly trend reports and strategy sessions to adapt content and campaigns to current trends.

Growth Gearbox ($1,000 Value) 
Execution of growth-focused campaigns, including targeted advertising, influencer collaborations, and engagement tactics.

Awareness Amplifier Array ($300 Value)
Brand awareness campaigns designed to highlight your brand’s unique value proposition and attract attention.

Total Value: $5,600

Email Marketing Elevation for Small Businesses to Increase Your Open Rates by 20% or Your Click Throiugh Rates by 10% in Your First 3 Months

Platform Precision Program ($500 Value)

In-depth analysis and recommendation of the ideal email marketing platform based on your business’s specific requirements and goals.

Content Creation Catapult ($2,000 Value)

Development of a content strategy and creation of a series of template-based, customizable emails designed for engagement and conversion.

Segmentation Success System ($1,000 Value)

Analysis of your current database to create detailed segmentation based on customer behavior and preferences, with implementation guidance.

Design Dynamics Program ($1,500 Value)

Custom email design templates that align with your brand identity and engage your audience, including mobile-optimized formats.

Analytics Ace Arsenal ($750 Value)

Setup of advanced email analytics with monthly performance reporting and strategic review sessions to continually refine campaigns.

List Growth Breakthrough ($1,500 Value)

Implementation of list growth strategies including lead magnets, signup forms, and referral programs, along with regular list cleaning and management services.

Total Value: $7,250

Total Value: $23,550 Per Month (!) All for $8,499 Per Month!

Because we position ourselves as your personal CMO (not an agency!!), we only have bandwidth to service so many clients. We have 2 slots available for the next 12 months.

Sales Boost Package for Small Businesses to Bring in 20 New, High Quality Customers in 2 Months

Channel Clarity Program ($600 Value)

Comprehensive market and audience analysis to select the optimal social media channels for advertising.

Ads Setup Fast Track ($1,000 Value)

Complete setup of Facebook and Google Ads accounts, including campaign and ad group creation.

Conversion Catalyst Catapult  ($500 Value)

Installation and configuration of conversion tracking tools across your selected advertising platforms.

Local Lead Lighthouse  ($1,000 Value)

Market research and analysis to identify and target your perfect local market using social media ads.

Campaign Conqueror Kit  ($1,500 Value)

Creation and launch of tailored social media ad campaigns designed for maximum conversion.

Desire Decoder Package  ($500 Value)

Market research and social listening to identify product preferences within your target demographic.

Campaign Catalyst Kit ($1,500 Value)

Designing, implementing, and managing high-conversion social media campaigns tailored to your business objectives.

Ad Set Architect Program ($500 Value)

Development of strategic ad sets focusing on segmentation and targeted messaging for enhanced campaign performance.

Ad Creation Deep Dive ($500 Value)

Custom creation of visually appealing and persuasive ads, from graphic design to copywriting.

Budget Blueprint Brigade ($500 Value)

Analysis and recommendation on budget distribution tailored to your business goals and market opportunities.

Scaling Success System ($1,000 Value

Comprehensive service analyzing current campaign successes to develop a scaling strategy that leverages higher budgets, broader targeting, and optimized creatives for growth.

Total Value: $9,200

Local Leader Launchpad to Transform Your Website and Online Footprint to Master Your Local Market Within 1 Year

Provider Pathfinder Plan ($500 Value)

Comprehensive analysis and selection of a website provider tailored to your specific business needs.

Theme Tailor Package ($1,500 Value)

Selection or custom creation of a website that resonates with your brand essence. - Creating each page

Page Perfection Program (1,000 Value)

Design and development of each web page, focusing on user experience and conversion optimization.

Copy Conqueror Kit ($1,000 Value)

Professional copywriting services to create captivating website content.

SEO Success Suite ($2,000 Value)

​End-to-end SEO monthly optimization for your website, from keyword research to on-page implementation.

Site Stewardship System ($2,000 Value)

Complete yearly management and maintenance of your website and Google presence, with regular updates and security checks.

Personalized Google Discovery Plan ($1,000 Value)

Complete creation, management and maintenance of your google listing, with regular updates and security checks to ensure your business is getting maximun visability

Total Value: $9,000

Who Are We?

We're VAW Media, and we excel in bridging local businesses and locals through strategic social media advertising and marketing. Our approach ensures your businesses reaches and resonates with the ideal audience, enhancing your visibility and growth while you focus on your business.

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